Glass Foot Scrapers

Thanks to specially treated glass, glass foot scrapers are used to gently remove dead skin and painful calluses on the feet, especially on the heels. The other gentle side of the scraper cleans and softens the skin. You can use the scrapers both dry and under water. They can also be used to remove unsightly hardened skin on the elbows.

As with files, the basic material of our glass foot scrapers is sheet glass, which is made from natural raw materials – glass sand, soda, limestone and dolomite and is harmless to ones health.

Reasons to use glass foot scrapers
Life of the scraper

No abrasive is stuck to the glass body of the scraper. The grinding surface is created by etching the glass itself. Thanks to this no erosion occurs. Lifetime warranty on the sanding surface!


Glass foot scrapers should be washed and disinfected regularly after use to get rid of skin residue. Keeping the scraper clean is important in order to avoid the possible growth of bacteria infection and consequent infection.

Our scrapers have two different grinding surfaces

One side of the scraper has a coarser texture and is used to sand hardened skin. The other side is softer and is used for final cleaning and softening.


Unlike other scrapers on the market, which work like a chisel and can cause injury, our scrapers carefully grind away the hard skin layer by layer. It is a very gentle method and you will feel a significant difference after the first use.