Manicure sticks made of glass

Glass manicure sticks are a multifunctional tool. Each end serves a different purpose. The round tip is used for sanding and cleaning places where you cannot reach with a glass file. The other end is called a cuticle pusher, or a popular hoof.

The cuticle is a thin layer of skin located at the edge of the nail. Its main function is to protect the nail from bacteria that could cause an infection. The cuticle usually grows irregularly with the nail, making it shorter and asymmetrical. This biological feature is perfect  for the cuticle pusher or hoof on hand. A hoof is the smooth cut side of a manicure stick that is used to push back protruding cuticles that look asymmetrical. The nails then look healthier, are stronger and optically longer.

Before use, it is good to soak the nails in warm water to soften them. Then wipe them dry with a towel. Do not push too hard, the skin should always protrude slightly. As mentioned above, it serves as a barrier against the entry of bacteria.

Advantages of glass manicure sticks
  • Multifunctional – the pointed grinding end is used for filing and cleaning hard-to-reach parts. The other, smooth cut end, is intended for pushing the cuticle.

  • Antibacterial – the manicure stick is made of specially treated glass. Glass is non-porous and bacteria does not form in it. You can disinfect and sterilize it.

  • Never Dull – The glass manicure stick will never deteriorate with normal use. With a little care, it will still look the same as when you brought it from the store.